Rotrics Warranty Compliance


Rotrics offers a limited warranty on the robot arms, modules and accessories (“Product”) purchased from Rotrics or a distributor authorized by Rotrics. The warranty begins from the original date of purchase, and only the original purchaser is entitled to claim a warranty. 

This warranty only applies to the following parts. The warranty periods for these warranted parts are listed as below:

Warranted Parts

Warranted Period

Robot Arm

180 Days

Pen Holder Module

180 Days

0.25W Laser Engraving Module

180 Days 

2.5W Laser Engraving Module

180 Days

Pneumatic Module

180 Days

3D Printing Module

180 Days

3.5-inch Touch Screen

180 Days

Liner Rail 

180 Days

Conveyor Belt

180 Days

Power Adapter

180 Days


Consumable parts not covered are: wood panel, 3D printing filament, backup nozzle, MDF and etc. “Consumable” is defined herein as disposable items, parts or components of the Product which are inherently subject to deterioration and wear out during the normal operation of the Product. 

Valid warranty Claims

For a warranty claim to be valid:

  1. notification must be made before the end of the warranty period, 
  2. must be substantiated with the original customer’s purchase invoice, 
  3. the serial number sticker must still be on the product(s),
  4. the product must be returned in the original packaging. 

Since customers will only be entitled to make a warranty claim on submission of the original receipt and packaging, we advise that both the receipt and official packaging are kept in a safe place. 


Please note that this warranty covers only normal use, if the product is damaged due to reasons other than product quality or under one of the following situations, one is not entitled to get warranty service:

  • The warranty period has expired for warranty repair or exchange services.
  • No valid proof of original purchase.
  • Products have been disassembled or modified in any way.
  • Products repaired at an unauthorized store.
  • Problems reasonably repairable by the customer.
  • Damage caused by using 3rd party software, USB cables, or power supplies not certified or sold by Rotrics.
  • Damages caused by irresistible force like an earthquake, natural wear or tear of the product.