Rotary Module
Rotary Module
Turn your DexArm into a 4-DOF robot arm.

This rotary kit allows you to turn your DexArm into a 4-DOF robot arm. The universal adapter design makes it easy to switch between soft gripper module, suction cup module, or your own DIY module. And with the record button, you can record down every DexArm movement, and replay it with just one click. 

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  • Highlights

    360-degree rotation

    350g payload capacity

    Easy to assemble and switch to soft gripper and air-pick

    Teach&Play button for recording Teach&Play movements.

    External port for DIY needs

  • Specifications

    Payload: 350g

    Air Pump Pressure: ~35 Kpa

    Suction Cup Diameter: 5mm, 10mm, 15mm

    Soft Gripper Range: 30 mm

    Weight: 100 g

    Dimension: 150x120x80 mm

  • In the box

    Rotary Module x 1

    Soft Gripper x 1

    Air-pick Stick x 1

    Pneumatic Connector x 1

  • Compatibility

    Rotrics DexArm

    Important: this rotary kit needs to work together with the air pump box (already included in the pneumatic kit), please make sure you have purchased the pneumatic kit before!

Customer Reviews

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Reiner Stähler
Good Rotary Module

The Rotary Module,
is a very nice module, you can expand your Rotrics Dexarm with another axis to 4 axes.
And you can now finally not only grab objects but also rotate them.
I find it absolutely great that the rotary movement is now integrated in the studio software and in the block programming. So now the rotary module can be controlled completely from the studio software or the block programming.
A beautiful module cleanly processed and with great functions, I can only recommend it!

Max Miron
4th DOF Rotary Kit

The kit is working very good an precise ease to use a versatile head, very compacted all in one gear and motor, really appreciate teaching button and extension 5 pins port. Regarding to noise if you can do to something about it, more noisily than all another Rotrics accessories. Because of the noise I will give you 4 Stars review. Regards Max_miron

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