Rotrics Studio V1.0.0 Beta Version Testing

Hi DexArm Owners,

It’s been over six months since our last software update, we want to share a piece of good news with you. The new version of Rotrics Studio V1.0.0 beta is here! Welcome to download and test it:D

The new features include:

1. Added Rotary Module control section in Basic panel.

2. Added Sliding Rail and Conveyor Belt control section in Basic panel.

3. Added custom button area for you to send custom G-code commands to DexArm.

4. Added E axis value in axes Area.

5. Added Rotary Module into Teach&Play function and changed the block position value into XYZ axis value. We also change the UI of the suction cup and soft gripper status.


6. Added Rotary Module control block and sliding rail control blocks in Scratch. We noticed there are some translation issues in Scratch blocks. Will fix it in the officially released version.


We are also working on some other great features before releasing the V1.0.0 version:

  1. Add a config button for you to turn ON/OFF the physical limits of drawing and laser canvas. So that you can use the sliding rail to draw or laser engraves on a bigger area.

  2. Improving the Drawing and Laser text input section.

  3. Improving the 3D model operation area.

  4. Display real-time 3D printing temperature in 3D printing section.

  5. Display the Error message on Rotrics Studio.

The new version is scheduled to be released at the mid-May. Please stay tuned:D

Download the beta version here 26

Looking forward to hearing feedback from you:D

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